Code of Conduct



            1.         Members shall demonstrate positive sportsmanship on and off of the field.  This

                        includes exercising positive self-control, graciously accepting the outcome of games

                        and treating all players, officials and spectators with courtesy and respect.

            2.         Members shall demonstrate respect for all players, coaches and managers in 

                        behavior and language.  Profanity will not be tolerated.

            3.         Members shall demonstrate respect for officials, in part by accepting their

                        decisions.  Insulting comments, arguing, gestures and profanity directed at

                        officials will not be tolerated.

            4.         Members shall positively represent the Turn Verein Soccer Club (STV) on and off

                        the field.

            5.         Members are responsible for timely notification of absences from games to the

                        coach or manager of the team as determined by the team.

            6.         Violence and abuse of any nature will not be tolerated.

            7.         Members shall model inclusive behavior, actively supporting cultural diversity

                        while opposing all types of discrimination, including, but not limited to national

                        origin, religion, medical condition, disability, or sexual orientation at all levels of


            8.         Members shall refrain from all manner of personal abuse and harassment of

                        others, whether verbal, physical, emotional or sexual, and shall oppose such abuse

                        and harassment at all levels of soccer.


Members Should:


            1.         Encourage positive sportsmanship by example.  Remind teammates if they get

                        inappropriately carried away with their emotions during the game.  Accept these

                        reminders graciously when offered by other members.

            2.         Be supportive –unconditionally—accept wins and losses.

            3.         Interact positively with the opposing team.  Set a good example for other players

                        indicating that you can compete assertively and still be respectful.

            4.         Be welcoming to all team members on and off the field.  Minimize gossip and

                        criticism of teammates, other players and coaches or managers.

            5.         Support officials—do not criticize vocally during games.  Leave any issues with

                        the game officials to your coach or manager.

            6.         Support the team and club.